What are the benefits of creating a user account on YAHAnet?

After signing up as a member, you will be able to fully appreciate the site! Here is a list of what you are able to do as a YAHAnet member:

  • Add images, audio, video, or written art to the Gallery
  • Join Workgroups or create your own Workgroups
  • Add your Organization or Group to our directory
  • Add Resources
  • Vote in our Polls
  • Add other YAHAnet members as Contacts

As a member, you will also receive periodic email bulletins (no more than 4 per year) that contain tips, tools, and contest announcements from the YAHAnet team.

You can comment on gallery and forum posts and add events to our global calendar without being a member.

How do I add an organization to the YAHAnet directory?

In order to add your organization, group, partnership, etc. to the directory, you need to create a personal member account on YAHAnet. Once you have created an account and logged in, go click on the "Network" tab at the top of the site. Next, click on "Organizations" and then "Submit."

How do I find out about upcoming arts-based events and contests around the world?

Click on the Calendar menu at the top of the website. Any visitor to YAHAnet can add events to the calendar.

How interactive is YAHAnet?

Completely! Members of YAHAnet can upload or post to any section of the site except for the Guides section and YAHAnet Team Updates section. Even though members cannot currently edit or post fact or how-to guides, we still welcome your comments about additions or changes to these guides. E-mail John at yahacoordinator[at]gmail[dot]com.


If you have a question (or questions) that you think should be added here, please send an email to the YAHAnet team at info[at]yahanet[dot]org! We will be happy to add your questions to this FAQ page. Thank you!