Virtual exhibition of YAHAnet's AIDS 2012 'Wall of Hands'!

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Photo mosaics can be a creative and impressive way to show support for an issue, but what about a 'Wall of Hands'? Can it be exciting and worthwhile?

The YAHAnet booth underwent a pretty amazing transformation during the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C. Many people stopped to take photos and some took the time to read message by message. One visitor became so emotional upon seeing all the supportive and positive hand messages that he began to cry.

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The second day of the conference was a big one for the YAHAnet team with over 100 people creating hand messages and the Washington Post stopping by to photograph the booth! We believe the special shout-out we received on the official AIDS 2012 Twitter account may have led to this surge of interest!

And now you get the chance to virtually explore each hand photo without knowing anything about the age, gender, or country of its creator. If you were unable to attend AIDS 2012, you get to see the photos the same way that our booth visitors did since details about the creators were written on the back of the photos and not readily visible. No regional favouritism allowed!

Tip: Use the blue bar for easy navigation and click to zoom in.

Did you find your photo in the 3D photo wall and want to share it with friends? Did you find photos that you would like to know more about? Would you like an English translation of a particular message? Then check out the 'Wall of Hands' Facebook album! Please like, comment, and tag as you wish.

Key statistics on who was represented in the more than 300 hand photos:

  • 68 countries were represented
  • Youngest participant was 8 years old and oldest was 72 years old
  • 45% of the participants were between the ages of 15 and 29
  • 29 of the hand messages specifically mentioned "youth" or "young people"
  • 67% of the participants were female (Note: This percentage does not include the 16 people who either did not disclose their gender or identified as transgender.)

But what about the actual messages written on the photos? Did participants from different countries and cultures agree on what is necessary to take the lead to get to zero — zero new infections, zero AIDS-related deaths, and zero discrimination? Discover the top hand message themes with this handy Popplet tool!

Thanks to all the incredible people we met at AIDS 2012 and thanks to all those who took this virtual tour! We encourage you to sign up as a YAHAnet member (see the top right corner of this site) so that we can work together in the AIDS response.

Talk soon!

John, Lukas, and Chandra
(on behalf of the YAHAnet team)

UPDATE: Check out who has featured our Washington Wall of Hands!

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